Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

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Travelling around Thailand, it's easy to feel like you're surrounded by nature--sandy beaches and coconut palms everywhere, cattle grazing on medians, geckos and snakes and monitor lizards popping up everywhere. But entering into a preserve like Mu Ko, only 23km from Chumphon town, provides a more profound experience of what the land has to offer--it'll make even some of the more remote places you've visited feel overdeveloped. The park covers 317 square km, including 70 km of coasts, and several hills, reaching 255 meters at the highest point. It encompasses a diversity of forest types--including limestone forests, beach forests and mangrove forests--and of course there are all manner of critters running and flying around. You can stay overnight here--there's a camping area, and bungalows on the Pong Pang Viewpoint go for 600 THB per night, and accommodate 2 people--add 100 THB for each extra person. Dorm beds, with no bedding, are available for 50 THB. There are also two restaurants. A good place to visit to make the best of your stay in Chumphon. You can arrange transportation to the park through any of the travel agencies in town.

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Moo 5, Ban Phong Phang
Last updated: 24th May, 2006

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