Haad Talor Kapor

Great spot to see kaw-lae boats

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What we say: 4 stars

This is the most accessible beach to Pattani town. Haad Talor Kapor has two main sections; to the south it is primarily a fishing boat vilage and to the north it is for recreation and swimming. The southern section is an excellent spot to see the Kaw-Lae boats both in use and being painted. An even better spot to see them being painted however is within the confines of Talor Kapor village where master-artisans use their skills that have often been handed down through generations. You're best to try and find some with a guide as a Yawi speaker is very handy in finding one of the painters at work. As for a swimming beach, you could swim at the northern part of the beach, although many use it more for a paddle and a picnic. The water around here is clean, though if you want a dip remember the locals are predominantly Muslims, so dress accordingly if you do not want to offend them. Note, the local girls bathe fully clothed around here, so when in Rome...

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How to get there: A songtheaw from Pattani will drop you at Yarang for 10B and takes about 15 minutes. From here either get a motorbike taxi from the small market for 10B or wait for a songtheaw direct to the beach (weekends only). Yarang has a few shops, cafes, a bank, police station and loads of friendly people.
Last updated: 13th June, 2005

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