Sa Nang Manora Waterfall

Where Phang Nga goes to cool off

Photo of Sa Nang Manora Waterfall, , Phang Nga Town

What we say: 4 stars

A two km long trail starts near the swimming hole, which is often filled with local youngsters cooling off. Leading in to the swimming hole is a stream deep enough for swimming, but it's often full of small of fish that mistake your fingers and toes for worms. It doesn't quite hurt when they bite, but two dozen biting at the same time can make for an uncomfortable or exhilarating experience, depending on how you look at it.

Further up the trail are several picturesque waterfalls, some of which cascade a couple metres straight down while others wash more gradually over rocky surfaces. It's a very scenic natural setting, and especially on a very hot day it's well worth the trip.

To get here by motorbike head about five km south of Phang Nga town and watch for the blue sign to Manora Waterfall. The entry road will be on the right, and it winds around a bit before ending at the parking area.

Alternately, any of the tour companies in town can take you out here for around 300B, or a motorcycle taxi for 200B round trip. Admission is posted as 100B for foreigners but the lady working the gate just smiled and waved us through free of charge.

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5km north of Phang Nga
Last updated: 22nd July, 2012

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