Ban Saensuk Lampam

Beautiful murals

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Just before the Lam Pan Beach is Saensuk Lampam village with a couple of interesting sites. Wat Wang is a beautiful old wat housing a 100 year old bot surrounded by Buddha filled cloisters. The bot also contains some attractive murals that illustrate the life and teachings of Buddha. You will probably have to ask a monk to open the courtyard doors for you -- if and when you find a monk. There is a small donation box in the main bot. About 100m down the road towards the beach there is a beautiful old courthouse and the Governor's residence. Both of these are just off the main road and are well worth a look.

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6km from Phattalung
How to get there: Take a motorbike taxi or songtheaw six km to Saensuk Lampam village.
Last updated: 24th November, 2006

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