Photo: Dawn on Ban Krut.

Wat Tham Khiriwong

The cave temple is set behind a couple of enormous and beautiful trees and is reached by a short flight of stairs to a raised platform lined with temple bells; about half way along you'll see the entrance to the cave.

Photo of Wat Tham Khiriwong

The cave has two main chambers, packed with what we thought were some rather eerie looking Buddhas -- there was something disconcerting about their eyes. In the second chamber are some shadow puppets and more Buddhas.

The temple is well signposted from the main road -- just follow the road past Wat Thang Sai and keep going. Eventually you'll reach a turn to the left and the wat is signposted further along from there. Once you reach the wat compound, the cave temple is towards the back left corner of the enclosure -- don't follow the signs that seem to indicate you should head to the right.

Last updated on 22nd September, 2013.

Wat Tham Khiriwong
A few km north of Ban Krut

Location map for Wat Tham Khiriwong

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