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Great spot for lunch
The beach here is very scenic but hard to swim outside high tide. However it's a great spot for lunc...

By LeonardCohen1

What we say: 4 stars

At the same time, it has more of the feeling of a national park than a beach resort, no doubt because it's located on a airforce base, the 53rd Air Division, just to the south of town. There are plenty of food stalls and even a food court on the beach road, but few other services or tourist-oriented businesses.

On weekends expect something of a crowd here, but come weekdays you'll most likely have the place to yourself. Note that some areas of the base are restricted and you're not really allowed to go off exploring -- especially to the southern beach you can see from Ao Manao -- that is off limits.

To get to Ao Manao, you have to follow Sala Cheep Road and go through the gate to the military base. Slow down and acknowledge the guard -- sometimes he'll stop you and have you sign in at the office immediately to the right after entering.

You used to have to leave your passport, but not nowadays -- though it might make sense to bring it just in case the rules change. You'll receive plenty of smiles and salutes around here, though they can still be a bit sensitive about cameras.

A motorbike taxi should cost you 30 or 40 baht, or you could walk there by continuing along the beach, and check out Wat Dolak, around halfway, for its forest of stupas.

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South of town, within the Wing 5 base
Last updated: 16th September, 2013

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  • Great spot for lunch 4 stars

    10th July, 2013

    The beach here is very scenic but hard to swim outside high tide. However it's a great spot for lunch with lots of deck chairs and umbrellas to sit on and a number of restaurants will serve you on the beach. We had a kilo of freshly caught blue crabs at 450 baht/kilo and some prawn cakes. Very good food (as it pretty much all is in this town). Could easily spend a few hours here drinking beer after lunch.

    Ao Manao reviewed by LeonardCohen1 (2)
    Written on 10th July, 2013, rated 4 out of 5. Visited here in June, 2013

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