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Satun National Museum is housed in a whitewashed colonial mansion and gives a glimpse into local history and culture. The building itself has an interesting story: originally built as a royal residence, it was occupied by Japanese troops during World War II and is likely one of the sites from where Pearl Harbour was planned. Displays touch on a variety of subjects including local art, Muslim traditions, the infamous prison on Tarutao Island, and there's a restoration of the governor's room upstairs. The staff will be glad to show you around. The museum is also known as Kuden Mansion, but the green sign on Satun Thanee Road marking the turn-off calls it Guden Castle.

Open Wed-Sun, 09:00-16:00
Admission: 30 baht
T: (074) 72 3140

Aside from the museum, the golden domes of Satun's Mambang Mosque are difficult to miss rising high above the town, while 200-year-old Wat Chanathip Chaloem was the first Buddhist temple to be built in Satun. There's a jolly bronze Buddha in the courtyard, and two impressive statues of yaksha demons guard the entrance.

In the shade of the hill northwest of town you'll find Satun's public park. If you explore the area you'll see some small shrines where monks live, and further ahead lies a fishing village set in the mangroves, which may be interesting to take a wander through.

Last updated: 4th January, 2012

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