Betong Hot Springs

Boils an egg in 7 minutes

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What we say: 2 stars

Best visited in conjunction with a trip to Piyamit Tunnels, these hot springs can hard-boil an egg in 7 minutes. The springs have been built into a pool structure with a walkway to the centre where some of the springs can be seen, though they have been covered with a wire contraption. Do NOT put your hand in the water under the wire (like a silly researcher) as it is extremely hot. The rest of the pond is very warm and there is a second pond where you can dangle your feet (not your socks though) for some supposed mineral medical miracle. The springs are worth visiting if you have nothing better to do.

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How to get there: The springs are best visited by chartered tuk tuk in conjunction with a visit to the tunnels. Expect to pay around 200-300B for the tuk tuk including waiting time, a visit to the tunnels and Phramahathat Chedi
Last updated: 16th June, 2005

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