Piyamit Tunnels

Commuist hide-out from the 70's

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What we say: 4 stars

Excavated by Malay communists in 1976 to avoid bombardment, this network of tunnels stretches for over a kilometre and is in a lush jungle setting. While not a scratch on the Cu Chi and Vinh Moc tunnels in Vietnam, these are nevertheless still well worth visiting. Fairly recently problems of collapse required the tunnels to all be enlarged and concrete rendered, so it is easier to wander through them all now. They are also well lit, so you needn't bring a torch. The tunnel complex includes bedrooms, storerooms and a well like structure that was used to ferry goods to the surface. There is also a very interesting museum on site tracing the struggle the communists fought and ultimately lost. Overall very interesting though the gift-shop on site may have a few die-hards rolling over in their graves.

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How to get there: The tunnels are best visited by chartered tuk tuk in conjunction with a visit to the hot springs. Expect to pay around 200-300B for the tuk tuk including waiting time, a visit to the hot springs and Phramahathat Chedi
Last updated: 16th June, 2005

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