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What we say: 3.5 stars

There's a limited amount of sight-seeing you can do on your own just by walking around Kon Tum, with or without a guide -- mostly it's all about the vestiges of the French colonial period. There's the Wooden Church with its adjacent rong house (you'll see a lot of those), the Seminary with its hill tribe museum, and the cave church. All of this falls soundly under the category of, 'if you have nothing better to do.'

A 'war tour' can be arranged to visit Skull Hill, some Vietnamese war cemeteries, and continue to a monument in Dak To where some tanks are on display beside a victory monument -- there's an abandoned American airstrip nearby that features some over-grown foxholes. But the trick to touring Kon Tum is to focus on visiting the nearby tribal villages, or better yet, booking a longer trek to some of the seldom-visited, beautifully remote villages in the surrounding area. For more information on getting the most from a Kon Tum tour, see our upcoming feature, "Getting the Most from a Kon Tum Tour."

Last updated: 28th February, 2007

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