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The Easy Riders started around a decade ago with a group of unemployed local men, most having served in the South Vietnamese Army. Ferrying tourists from A to B was all they took on at that point, and most had old motorbikes such as Minsks and Simpsons (today the Honda Bonus or Win is more prevelant). In 1999 the Riders gained their first mention in a certain guidebook and have never looked back, transforming from a glamorised xe om service to day tours through Da Lat surrounds. Now there are around 70 Easy Riders. They have their own uniforms and a website through which you can arrange tours in advance. They can be found at The Hangout or Peace Cafe on Troung Cong Dinh St. Failing that, they'll find you.

A word of warning: it's still advisable to shop around if you wish to have a tour guide and not just a driver -- there is a difference. Some can barely speak English, relying on their friends to arrange the itinerary for them, while others are near fluent and have a detailed knowledge of the sites in and around the city. Easy Riders cost around US$15 for daytrips out of Da Lat, depending on desired activities and distance travelled, while the costs for the longer duration overnight trips are significantly higher -- see their website for details.

A number of independent copycat tour guides hang around the city and offer the same services. Again, it's wise to shop around.

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The Hangout cafe bar, 71 Truong Cong Dinh St, Da Lat
Last updated: 10th August, 2009

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  • The original dalat easy rider note! 1 star

    14th October, 2011

    Hello! I think something wrong here.
    - The price is higher now cause anything, gasoline, food, ticket, permision is more expensive than few years ago.
    - we almost use new bike like : honda custom, honda Fortune..
    - Our team is 65 riders now. Some of us quit our team because they dont wanna follow our policy.
    - There are alot of copy easy riders who want to take and share the success of the real Easyrider team so we would like to confirm that our headquaters is located at 70 Phan Dinh Phung street, dalat city, Vietnam.
    - Any offices else such as : Hangout cafe, Freelancer Rider club or DALAT EASY RIDER club are not belong to us.
    please post this note to confirm because almost of travaler they think that all easy rider is at the same. they took a wrong tour with wrong guy, that adverse effect to us and our name.

    The Easy Riders reviewed by meatwad (1)
    Written on 14th October, 2011, rated 1 out of 5. Visited here in October, 2011

  • Easyriders 5 stars

    31st July, 2011

    These guys are truly great. I had heard great things about this group and was anxious to find them when I got to Dalat. One found me though in Mui Ne, having brought down a customer from Dalat. I was offered a taster ride to Dalat and jumped at the chance. My driver was knowledgable and knew here to stop to show me sights.

    Having got to the Easyrider Cafe (next door to the Peace Cafe) all the riders I came across in there were polite, friendly and spoke great English.

    Having considered my funds and the rides on offer I booked a further 5 day ride to Hoi An. the prices above are out of date and the cost is quite pricey but it does include accommodation.

    I have seen the great scenery the Central Highlands has to offer and met Vietnamese people that I wouldn't have met by travelling on the bus.

    It's a great experience and one I would wholeheartedly recommend. Negotiate for what you can afford. And just make sure you get a rider you will be able to spend so much time with. I was lucky my Rider was great.

    Most of all enjoy and be prepared to see the countryside up close.

    The Easy Riders reviewed by Prettyfish16 (2)
    Written on 31st July, 2011, rated 5 out of 5. Visited here in July, 2011

  • Warning 1 star

    28th May, 2011

    Hi guys,

    Just another warning about easy riders. We had a 4 day tour booked. Paid all the money to our tour guides (who were awesome by the way!). On the second day, one of us fell off the bike (with the tour guide as well) due to a flat tire. Completely an accident, and the injuries were horrific road rash (thank god that's all it was!). The tour guides were very good about the accident, and helped take care of us at the hospital.

    We could not continue the tour due to the injuries, and we needed to go back to Ho Chi Minh for better medical treatment. The money was not offered back to us, and I had a feeling the manager would now allow the tour guides to give us any sort of refund. The manager also said to keep the accident a ''secret'' and not put ''anything on the internet.''
    Again, the guides were awesome, and we felt very sorry for them. It seemed the manager (Tuan) was more focused on the ''business'' rather than safety.

    Since then, we have returned home, the road rash is infected, and I'm missing out on work. We have heard NOTHING from the easy riders.

    I believe the accident was just an accident as can happen on any motorbike. So please take that into consideration as well.

    Hope the rest of you can make more informed decisions before you go on the tour.

    Cheers everyone!

    The Easy Riders reviewed by bumblebee0930 (1)
    Written on 28th May, 2011, rated 1 out of 5. Visited here in May, 2011

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