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The displays, labelled in English throughout, are both comprehensive and fascinating, covering all the main minority groups you're likely to come across on a trek. Plentiful audiovisual displays are offered along with more typical museum fare.

The best part of the museum, however, is found outside to the rear. Here in a lovely green garden you'll find well-crafted examples of traditional houses in ethnic minority regions. The Banhar communal house with its impossibly high roof and creaking bamboo floor is a stunning piece of work, with nary a nail used in its construction. It's also delightfully cool even in summer. And don't miss the replica of a Giarai tomb with its cheerful, rather well-endowed, fertility symbols carved from wood.

Back inside, be sure to check out Mr Pham Dang Uy's bicycle, loaded down with 800 wooden and bamboo fishtraps. Also on display: shaman masks, a recreation of the Sapa market and a ruler to measure pigs. We'd been looking for one of those.

Guides are available for a fee and you’ll have to pay more if you want to take photographs or video.

The museum is easily reached by the number 14 bus followed by a 10-minute walk down Nguyen Van Huyen Street.

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Nguyen Van Huyen St, Western Hanoi
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:30, closed Mondays
Last updated: 26th September, 2013

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Vietnam Museum of Ethnography
Nguyen Van Huyen St, Western Hanoi
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