Cat Ba National Park

A beautiful National Park

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What we say: 4 stars

Avid hikers should not hesitate to check out this beautiful national part, noted for its mangroves, subtropical evergreen forests, freshwater lakes, and even some coral reefs down along the coast. While rich in flora, hikers often report seeing little in the way of fauna, though there are reportedly some animals running about -- we only saw goats.

All the hikes here are pretty challenging to some degree, and a guide is highly recommended to make the best of the experience. There is one short hike, to Dinh Kim Gial, that's only 2km and takes two hours, which is the best one to try on your own -- you can buy a ticket at the gate, 15,000 VND. The more challenging hikes include a trip up to Ao Ech (Frog Lake) and over the hill to a tribal village inhabited by the Viet Hai -- 6 km, takes 4 hours, 35,000 VND entrance fee. Prepare well for any of these treks, as they are not easy -- really and truly, spring for a guide if you can. Those that try to do it on their own often end up turning back. Any hotel in town that arranges tours can help you sort out which trek to take and hook you up with a guide.

Last updated: 1st November, 2006

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  • Warning for May-June 2014 4 stars

    23rd May, 2014

    We came here solely to climb to the peak where there is a look out point over the bay. Unfortunately there has been a land slide recently and the path was blocked, with guys stopping any would-be climbers going any further.

    Ask at the ticket office before going in. They didn't tell us before we paid... even though we told the lady selling tickets what our intention was...

    Was still a great walk through the park, somebody we know saw giant squirrels that same day!

    Cat Ba National Park reviewed by libbytes (6)
    Written on 23rd May, 2014, rated 4 out of 5. Visited here in May, 2014

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