Photo: Pick your poison in Bac Ha.

Tours and treks

The more popular trips available are listed below, but you'll need to check prices as they vary dependent on number of people -- discuss your requirements with Mr Nghe who runs Green Sapa Tours, the only tour operator in town (outside of the hotels).

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Half-day trek to local minority village
Walking trek from Bac Ha to Thai Giang Pho or Ban Pho and Na Hoi.

Two days, one night
Local villages and homestay
Visiting Thai Giang Pho, Ban Pho and Na Hoi.

Coc Ly via trek and homestay
Monday departure only
Day 1: On foot to Nam Mon village. Homestay one night.
Day 2: Continue to Coc Ly market. Boat trip and then transport back to Bac Ha or Lao Cai.

Can Cau Market via trek and homestay
Friday departure only
Day 1: On foot to the H'mong village of Ban Pho, and then on to Ta Van Chu (also H'mong). Homestay one night.
Day 2: Continue on foot to Can Cau market, motorbike back to Bac Ha

Visit the office or Hoang Yen restaurant or call Mr Nghe direct on (0912) 005 952.

Sapa Green Tours: Hoang Yen Restaurant, 9 Duong 20-9, Bac Ha. T: (0912) 005 952

Last updated on 15th October, 2013.

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