Photo: Fishing boat at port, Ca Na.

Diving at Ca Na

There's only one activity on offer in Ca Na, other than swimming and laying in the sun, and that's scuba.

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The Vietnam Scuba Resort is a Korean-run outfit offering training and diving (but no certificates). For US$80 you can learn to dive in the resort's pool, and for an additional $100 per person you can take an actual dive the same day. Beginners can only dive down to 15 feet, but experienced divers can skip the training and are allowed to dive down to 45 feet, which is pretty deep -- as Southeast-Asian diving goes. The diving takes place off the island of Lao Cau, which is 12km off the coast and visible from the shore. The island is uninhabited but for a Vietnamese Coast Guard station. Dives include the price of the boat, but for groups of six or more the boat is free, which results in a lower price per person. Packages are available including training, diving, a room and three meals a day starting at $250 per person.
Vietnam Scuba Resort: Vinh Hao (south-west of Ca Na Beach). T: (062) 853 917-9, F: (062) 853 918.

Last updated on 23rd May, 2007.

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