Po Ro Me Cham Tower

Tricky to reach, but worth it

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What we say: 4 stars

This tower is not nearly as easy to get to as Po Klong Garai, but that's what makes it worthwhile. It's a single tower set on an isolated hill in the middle of a vast lowland ringed by high hills. It's a stunning location, and once there we wanted to hang around for a while just to soak up the view. It's a great place to head on a motorbike if you can manage to rent one in Phan Rang or if you have your own. If you go in a vehicle, make sure it's an open jeep (and hopefully a sunny day) to get the full experience.

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Around 24km from Phan Rang
How to get there: To reach Po Ro Me Cham Tower, head north out of Phan Rang on Thong Phat St. Continue along the highway for nine kilometres, then slow down and start looking for a large, white plinth on your right hand side. There's a major right turn after the plinth, go past it, and go about a kilometre to the next major right turn, just before the road veers left and the town you're in starts to disappear. After you turn, the road veers right, but you can head straight down a smaller road, lined with shops and buildings, with the hills visible in the distance. Continue for four or five kilometres until you see a football field on your left. It's triangular, and there'll be cattle grazing on it if the footballers haven't chased them off, but look closely and you'll see the goal posts. Take a left here and continue for another eight km. You'll see the tower on the hill before you reach it -- as you near it, the road heads straight for it, and there's a small sign on the right reading
Last updated: 23rd May, 2007

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