Photo: Beachside, Tuy Hoa.

Da-Bia Mountain

As you approach Tuy Hoa along Route 1A from the south, it's hard not to notice this very distinctive rock formation sitting on the summit of a high hill.

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The locals call it Nui Da-Bia, which means gravestone mountain. And, if you're a traveller worth your salt, you're probably thinking, Hey, how do I get up there?

Well, luckily you can take Highway 1A to within 100 metres, vertical-wise, of the summit. As you enter the gate the stairway that leads to the top is to the left. The road leading up to the right will take you into a boulder-strewn river valley that's been developed for visitors -- a swimming area has been created, and there are some places serving drinks and food here and there. There are also houses built into the rock faces high on the hills of the valley, which are a sight to see. It's a picturesque spot, and when the tour groups aren't here, fairly uncrowded and laid back. It's hotter than blazes during midday, especially in the summer months, so if you plan to explore the stairways and trails that lead up the hills, try to arrive in the morning.

To get here from Tuy Hoa, just take Highway 1A south out of town for 27 kilometres. The highway eventually leads to Quan Cau pass, which winds up and down some steep hills -- so steep, in fact, you're likely to come across quite a few trucks that have broken down trying to make it. At the top of the pass is the park, just off the highway road.

Last updated on 19th July, 2007.

Da-Bia Mountain
Highway 1A, 27km south of Tuy Hoa
Daily 07:00 to 16:00

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