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Another site you can't fail to miss if you're travelling to or through Tuy Hoa is Chop Chai Mountain. It's a lone, high hill to the north of town, visible from miles and miles away. There's a huge radio antenna at the top, and in fact, that's the only reason there's a road leading up there. It's not touted as a tourist destination, and there are no facilities once you reach the summit. There are, however, some of the most mind-boggling views of the surrounding countryside you're likely to see without a helicopter. From the top you can see the beach, and the wide, crescent-shaped sand bar that encircles the town beneath the water. The sight of the patchwork of rice-fields, with the rivers of the delta snaking through them, is jaw-dropping -- it's no exaggeration to say it's a work of art rendered by accident on the world's largest canvas. You can also see the distinctive el shape of Tuy Hoa town and it'll help you get your bearings when you go back down to street level.

To get here, continue on Highway 1A north past the bus station a kilometre or so until you see the big white Buddha on the left (you can't miss it). Continue 400 metres, and there's a road on the left. It's paved, though a bit rough in spots, and it leads to a 3.5 km switch-back road up the mountain -- a decent street bike will have no problem, but you'll definitely use first gear in spots. Once you get to the top, you can park and look to the east, but the rest of the area is dominated by the radio tower and you're not allowed to enter to get views in other directions. No worries, you'll probably just stand there going, Wow, for about five minutes anyway.

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About 5km north of Tuy Hoa
Last updated: 19th July, 2007

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