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  • Bagan: Options for your temple visits
    4.5 stars

    Bagan has a lot of temples! Certain temples stand out due to their unique architectural style or by virtue of their size alone but to the uninitiated, a lot of them do look very similar. If you take all the larger and better known ‘important’ sites, then you’ll still have a pretty unwieldy ... read more

  • Old Bagan Walled City
    4 stars

    Old Bagan's Walled City is really the only portion of Bagan's vast expanse than lends itself to any kind of walking tour. Of course, you'd be better off on a bicycle but if you're set on a foot-powered wander, this is the only area worth considering. The starting point is Tharabar Gate, but we'd ... read more

  • Old Bagan to Nyaung U
    4.5 stars

    Compared to our Old Bagan Walled City loop, this trail is low on monuments but high on kilometres, so you will need either a bicycle, a horsecart or a lot of water, a spare pair of flip flops and a free day. As with the Old City excursion, we commence near a moningya/cheese baguette filling station ... read more

  • Old Bagan to New Bagan
    4.5 stars

    This is a bit of a sparse stretch but with some very worthwhile stopping off points along the way, including a lacquerware village about half way through. You will need your own transport -- be it bicycle, pony or taxi. If you're doing it by bicycle, do as we did and start from New Bagan -- it ... read more

  • A south of New Bagan detour
    4 stars

    Neither of these sites are really worth trekking across from Nyaung U to see, but if you're staying in New Bagan and are looking for a late afternoon patch of sightseeing, they can be covered in an hour or so. Hpetleik Ashe and Hpetleik Anauk Paya (monument 1030 and monument 1031) are set near the ... read more

  • Central Plains of Bagan
    4.5 stars

    If size is your thing, the south central plains of Bagan is where you want to head. We liked this area a lot -- partly for the grandiose monuments but also for the living farms around them, reinforcing the whole idea of Bagan being a "living site". The following monuments are spread out by ... read more

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