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  • Portraits of Kengtung
    3.5 stars

    Now that land border crossing regulations have been relaxed, it’s easy to travel to Kengtung from the Mae Sai-Tachilek crossing. ... read more

  • Trekking in Kengtung
    4 stars

    Due to government restrictions on overnight stays, Kengtung's enormous trekking potential is currently rather limited. Since no outlying villages have licensed accommodation and at the time of writing no home-stays or Kalaw style overnights in monasteries are permitted, any trips are for the day ... read more

  • Attractions within Kengtung
    3.5 stars

    Kengtung itself doesn't have many tourist sights as such but it is an attractive town and a very pleasant place just to wander around. The main attraction, both for visitors and locals, is without doubt the large and lively morning market, where you can see Shan, Chinese and Indian stall holders, ... read more

  • Ethnic groups around Kengtung
    4.5 stars

    The rich mix of ethnic groups in the Kengtung region can seem very confusing at times with certain groups going by various names and several spelling options on offer for others. Many ethnic groups have several sub-groups and sometimes costume, language and traditions can change from one village ... read more

  • Around Kengtung
    4 stars

    'Around' is where most of Kengtung's attractions for visitors lie – that is, the numerous ethnic minorities or hilltribes who inhabit the hills surrounding the town. Guides are required for any trip outside Kengtung and can be organised through your hotel if you haven't picked one up in ... read more

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