Photo: Zooming across Inle Lake.

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Inle Lake

The second largest lake in Burma, the rather shallow Inle Lake sits at an altitude of almost 900 metres above sea level and is an important source of fresh fish and harvested fruit and vegetables from floating gardens on the lake. It’s also one of the most popular tourist sites in the ... Read more about Inle Lake .

In Dein in photos

As with many sites in Burma it’s often the local inhabitants that make a visit and In Dein on the edge of Inle Lake is a perfect example. The friendly and colourful Pa-O people who inhabit the region are certainly used to tourists and hawk their handicrafts to visitors but they still seem to manage to be outgoing without being too pushy, so long may that last. Here are a few images of the ... Read more about In Dein in photos .

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One of Inle Lake’s most popular and picturesque sights is its famous five-day lakeside market, where local Shan and Intha, as well as Pa-O from the surrounding hills, converge to sell their wares and produce — and where tourists gather to photograph them gathering. It’s called “five-day” as the market shifts to various Inle villages on a five-day rota ... Read more about Inle Lake's five-day market .

Nyaung Shwe (Mingala) Market
Main Road and Yone Gi Road, Nyaung Shwe

Nyaung Shwe market is very difficult to miss: it’s that vivid green square thing stuck smack bang in the middle of town. This is the town’s permanent, daily market, open from morning to late afternoon. Thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly considering the influx of visitors to Inle Lake’s gateway town, it’s remained largely traditional and authentic, which is more than we can say for some ... Read more about Nyaung Shwe (Mingala) Market .

In Dein

Your standard tour of Inle consists of a boat tour around the scenic lake, passing through stilt villages and floating gardens, punctuated by stops at a pagoda or two, a local market and a series of handicraft or cottage industry workshops. And if the village workshops are the commas in your itinerary, then In Dein is definitely the exclamation mark. This is the highlight of the tour for many ... Read more about In Dein .

Other attractions around Nyaung Shwe

Attractions such as the hotspring pools, the Red Mountain Winery, Khaung Daing village and Maing Thauk are easily visited on bicycle. Khaung Daing is a village where tofu paste is made and Maing Thauk is a village known for its beauty, especially during the winter months when water lilies are present. Pindaya Cave is a two million year old limestone cave that's 490 metres long and contains ... Read more about Other attractions around Nyaung Shwe .

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