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  • Hpa-an morning market
    4 stars

    Wander the streets of central Hpa-an of a morning and you'll find a bustling, intriguing morning market selling all kinds of goods and visited by a mixed bunch of people. Hpa-an's morning market is one of our favourites in Burma. The tiny and somewhat remote capital of Karen State seems pretty ... read more

  • Saddar Cave
    4 stars

    A visit to the wonderful Saddar Cave is certainly one of Karen or Kayin State's highlights. The limestone karst scenery of Zwegabin and other mountainous outcrops dotted among the paddy surrounding Hpa-An hosts several spectacular caves but Saddar, involving a temple but also a hike through ... read more

  • Things to do in Hpa-an
    3 stars

    Well, to be honest, not a lot! The interesting destinations as far as visitors are concerned are all outside of the town itself, with the exception of the market. Temples -- nothing special, museums -- couldn't find any, spectacular old colonial architecture -- don't think the Brits had too much of ... read more

  • Things to do around Hpa-An
    4.5 stars

    Most sites are within easy reach of town, revolving around the nearby limestone formations. There are undoubtedly many more worthy destinations but at present you're not permitted to wander too far in Karen State. Caves, cave temples and temples are the order of the day and whilst at a push you ... read more

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