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  • Kompong Cham escape
    3.5 stars

    We're sitting under a great old tree, on plastic chairs by the slick stirring waters of the Mekong ... read more

  • Wat Nokor
    3.5 stars

    This 11th century Khmer sanctuary is definitely worth a visit for its temple-within-a-temple layout. At the centre of the ancient complex a more contemporary and brightly coloured wat has been built, but the two are set within each other like Russian dolls and are so close together that the new ... read more

  • Phrom Proh and Phnom Sray
    3.5 stars

    Between these two hilltop temples is the original location of the Kompong Cham killing fields, before monks moved many of the remains to be interred beside Wat Nokor. Phnom Proh (Man Hill) is the smaller of the two and a paved, gently sloping road leads to its summit, while the summit of Phnom ... read more

  • The French watchtower
    3.5 stars

    Renovated in mid-2005 and sitting on the far bank of the Mekong, beside the Kazuma Bridge and opposite Kompong Cham, this tower was built in the early 20th century by the French to serve as a defensive watchtower. The Kompong Cham Governor's house has a direct line of site to the watchtower and ... read more

  • Ko Paen Bamboo Bridge & Ko Paen
    3 stars

    This bamboo bridge is a feat of engineering, built every dry season to connect the west bank of the Mekong to Ko Paen, a medium-sized island just to the south of Kompong Cham. The island has sandy beaches, lots of fishermen and some tobacco plantations and makes for a pleasant half-day wandering ... read more

  • Wat Maha Leap
    4.5 stars

    A rare entirely wooden wat in Cambodia believed to be more than 100 years old, Wat Maha Leap was one of the few pagodas the Khmer Rouge left standing in Kompong Cham province, supposedly because of its ominous supernatural powers. It looks rather bland, but the interior reveals towering gilded ... read more

  • Prey Chung Kran Weaving village
    3.5 stars

    Located a further 10 minutes by boat downriver from Wat Maha Leap, the weaving village of Prey Chung Kran is worth a visit if you have not seen weaving in Cambodia. Famous across the country for its high-quality kramas, sarongs and hol, the weavers here work under the stilted homes that line the ... read more

  • Prasat Han Chey
    4.5 stars

    Prasat Han Chey is a 20 kilometre moto ride north of town on a paved, shady lane through villages of stilted homes flanked by the Mekong River to the right and rice fields to the left. Han Chey is set atop a hill accessible by two roads and also a 300-step staircase, buttressed by protective lion ... read more

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