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  • Things to do in Kratie
    4.5 stars

    Say “Kratie!” to any Khmer (or any Khmer fisherman who happens to fish near Kratie) and they’ll probably say, “Dolphins!” Well, not really, but if you happened to come across an English-speaking Khmer fisherman who happened to fish in the waters north of ... read more

  • Dolphin watching near Kratie
    4.5 stars

    So there are the dolphins. A common misconception is that the dolphins can be seen from Kratie town. They hang out at Kampi, some 20 kilometres north of Kratie along the river road. Any motodop will take you there. You can also get there under your own steam -- by motorbike, bicycle or car hire ... read more

  • Koh Trong
    4 stars

    Across the river from Kratie is a moderately-sized island, Koh Trong. If you have the time, a half day -- preferably the afternoon -- spent cycling around here is very well warranted. You can rent bicycles on the island, or you can take one across from Kratie on the small boats that run back and ... read more

  • Chhlong
    3.5 stars

    Once a bustling riverside port, Chhlong boasts memorable, yet decaying colonial architecture lining the riverfront. Inside Le Relais, a lovely hotel on the edge of town, is a former prison where skulls of Khmer Rouge detainees remain. Also in Chhlong you'll find a hilltop pagoda that is ... read more

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