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  • The Death Highway
    3.5 stars

    I'd long considered the overland trip from the capital of Mondulkiri, Sen Monorom, to Rattanakiri's capital of Ban Lung, but the combination of my not being a particularly accomplished motorcyclist, and not knowing of any other means to do it, had led me ... read more

  • A weekend in Sen Monorom
    4 stars

    If you’re ready to escape the heat and humidity that blankets most of Cambodia, try heading up to the Mondulkiri area and spending a weekend in Sen Monorom. The cooler, temperate climate of the mountainous northeast is a refreshing change and you’ll get to experience a side of Cambodia most ... read more

  • Elephant Valley Project
    4 stars

    An elephant reserved focused on rehabilitiating and rescuiring Cambodian pachyderms from bad situations, Elephant Valley gives tourists a chance to observe the world's largest land animals in their natural habitat. Elephant Vally Project offers full day experiences as well as multiday volunteering ... read more

  • Bou Sra Waterfall and other waterfalls around Sen Monorom
    4.5 stars

    This magnificent waterfall tumbles through a gorge set in the jungle near the Bunong town of Bou Sra, and can be reached by way of a somewhat adventurous 43 km road from Sen Monorom, about an hour long ride depending on both your moto drivers skill and an The dramatic 3-stage falls create a natural ... read more

  • Bou Sra
    4 stars

    This quiet village is home to a large number of Mondulkiri's Bunong minority, who can also be found across the nearby border in Vietnam's highlands. This small town isn't exactly a tourist mecca, but it's pleasant to walk around and see how these people live in a rather remote slice of Cambodia. ... read more

  • Off-roading from Sen Monorom to Banlung
    4 stars

    The new road from Sen Monorom to Banlung is still unpaved but in relatively good condition, so if you are in the mood for something a little more daring, try taking the old road by dirt bike or in a beat-up old jeep. For the outdoors lovers and adventurers, Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri in ... read more

  • Sunset Hill and Phnom Doh Kromom Pagoda
    4 stars

    Located before the air strip, 7 km down a side dirt road off the road to Bou Sra, this is a great place to ask your motodop to stop after returning from the waterfalls from a long day of trekking and swimming. You can also stop at Phnom Doh Kromom Pagoda, which is a small temple off the next ... read more

  • Elephant treks
    3.5 stars

    There are a large number of different outfits in town. Most foreigner oriented hotels have relationships with local guides and will set up trips for you. Travel agencies also operate along Sen Monorom's main drag. Elephant treks can be arranged through just about every tourist agency and ... read more

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