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Things to see and do


  • Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda
    4.5 stars

    The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda sit side by side on Sothearos Boulevard and, while they are two separate complexes, they are visited as one. ... read more

  • Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre
    4 stars

    A mass grave for victims of one of the worst manifestations of control, paranoia and terror created by the Khmer Rouge, Choeung Ek was the preferred execution site for people who had been through Tuol Sleng, or S-21, the Khmer Rouge’s most notorious deten ... read more

  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
    4.5 stars

    A school, a prison, the end of the road; Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was one of hundreds of detention and interrogation centres created all over Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge. ... read more

  • National Museum
    4 stars

    Cambodia’s National Museum is an impressive red-tiiled, red-walled building set in carefully tended gardens and housing a huge array of exhibits. ... read more


  • Wat Phnom
    3.5 stars

    The fulcrum of Phnom Penh’s north, the story goes that Wat Phnom is the hill from which the capital city drew its name. ... read more

  • Wat Langka
    2.5 stars

    Wat Langka is really of only passing interest to the typical traveller, although it is an historically important temple for Cambodians and a popular one for VIP ceremonies of various kinds. One of the more prominent wats in Phnom Penh thanks to its location off Sihanouk Boulevard near the ... read more

  • Wat Ounalom
    3.5 stars

    Wat Ounalom is the Cambodian capital's most conspicuous temple and probably the most attractive. Here's a little background info on it. ... read more

  • The pagodas of Cambodia’s Kandal province
    3.5 stars

    Despite completely surrounding Phnom Penh, Kandal province is often ignored by visitors to the capital city ... read more

  • Wat Kean Kleang
    3.5 stars

    Slightly outside Phnom Penh itself but within easy striking distance, spectacular Wat Kean Kleang is one of our favourite temples in this corner of the world. ... read more

Interesting buildings

  • Khmer Architecture Tours
    4 stars

    Khmer Architecture Tours run twice-monthly visits to Phnom Penh’s fascinating but rapidly vanishing modern architectural sites, with the aim of promoting an understanding of Cambodia’s genuinely unique style known as New Khmer Architecture. ... read more

  • Post Office Square
    4 stars

    Made famous by the French film, City of Ghosts, Post Office Square is one of the last places in Phnom Penh to glimpse the slow-paced, pot-holed city of old. The cream-coloured Post Office building was built in 1890 and restored in 2004, and it remains one of the city's best examples of French ... read more

  • Olympic Stadium
    3.5 stars

    Designed by Cambodia's best known architect, Vann Molyvann, and constructed in the 1960s, the enormous 84,000 seat Olympic Stadium is worth stopping by for a local football match, to get your aerobics groove on, or just to wander this cavernous complex. The stadium may be visited at almost any time ... read more

  • National Library
    3 stars

    Built in 1924, the low but graceful building that houses the national library on elegant Street 92 is off the radar for most visitors to Phnomh Penh. The site was used as a piggery during the brief but devastating Khmer Rouge period, when books were lit aflame and tossed into the street like ... read more

  • Vann Molyvann’s architecture in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    Vann Molyvann is Cambodia’s greatest living architect. Vann’s style of work from the 1950s and 1960s is known as New Khmer Architecture, and blended modernist themes from the time with traditional Cambodian and Angkorian elements ... read more


  • Phsar Thmei (Central Market)
    4 stars

    Built in 1937, this stunning butter-coloured art-deco ziggurat designed by Vann Molyvann is the most unlikely of buildings in Phnom Penh. Here you'll find everything from jewellery to avocados and deep fried crickets to white goods, but be prepared to negotiate hard as the prices seem to be higher, ... read more

  • Phsar Tuol Tom Pong (Russian Market)
    4 stars

    Despite its English-language name, the one thing you can’t buy at Phnom Penh’s Phsar Toul Tom Poung is a Russian. ... read more

  • Phnom Penh Night Market (Psar Reatrey)
    3.5 stars

    Phnom Penh’s only formal night market, Psas Reatrey overlooks the riverside from the central reservation that separates downtown and northern Phnom Penh. ... read more

  • Phsar Kandal
    3.5 stars

    A great little local market, Phnom Penh's Phsar Kandal is centrally located off Street 154. One block back from the riverfront, it's only a five-minute walk from Street 172 and opposite the north side of Wat Ounalom, so chances are if you're wandering around the city centre you'll pass by, or ... read more

  • Phsar Chas
    3.5 stars

    Phsar Chas is a great little Phnom Penh market conveniently located for travellers to check out but targeting locals -- head here instead of striking out to distant suburbs to experience a genuine local market. You visit Phsar Thmei as much as to see the iconic exterior as for the goods on offer ... read more

  • Orussey Market
    3.5 stars

    A big and busy local market, Orussey offers a broader slice of "Cambodiana" than you'll find in Russian or Central Markets; and who knows what you might pick up in the huge, two-storey hall that's packed with everything from plastic pigs to dried fish and ... read more

General activities

  • Shooting Range
    3 stars

    Phnom Penh's notorious shooting range has long been a place of interest to tourists -- if not to visit in person, then to shake their heads at. If shooting really big guns is your thing, this is the place for you. For $30 you can fire 30 rounds of an AK-47 or 20 rounds of an M16. According to many ... read more

  • Kun Khmer (Khmer kickboxing)
    3.5 stars

    Also known as Pradal Serey, Kun Khmer or Khmer kickboxing is a sport steeped in history and ritual. The easiest way to lose a Khmer friend is by referring to it as muay Thai -- Cambodians are very proud to say it was their ancestors who invented the sport back in the ninth century CE, as evidenced ... read more

  • Backstreet Academy
    4 stars

    If you're the kind of person who prefers to do rather than see, Phnom Penh's Backstreet Academy gives you the opportunity to get up close with Khmer culture in a different way. Practical short courses in Cambodian traditions -- of the dancing, fighting and crafty variety -- provide an insight ... read more

  • Kambol Go-Karts
    3.5 stars

    It’s not particularly close to town — be prepared to to spend some time in a tuk tuk ... read more

  • Catch a football match at Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    For less than the price you’d pay for a pint while watching a Premier League game at a pub back home, you can see a professional football match in Phnom Penh. ... read more

  • Learning stuff in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    If you’re lucky enough to have a few days to spare in Phnom Penh, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn a new skill or try out something different. ... read more

  • Cycling tour
    4 stars

    One of the best ways to get a sense of Phnom Penh is to cycle — away from it, all the way over to the other side of the Mekong. ... read more

  • Daytime activities in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    If you’re sick of sightseeing, or your liver needs a break, never fear, there are daytime activities in Phnom Penh. ... read more

  • Food tour
    4 stars

    If you're up for an evening of exploring local Cambodian treats that seem a little too intimidating to source for yourself -- think wet market, no English spoken, no menus and itinerant vendors -- then a tour with Urban Forage's Ducky could be your answer ... read more

  • Kids City
    3.5 stars

    Kids City promises 11 levels of fun in an air-con, child-friendly environment, and it's quite entertaining for grown up kids too. There's no missing the brightly coloured exterior in funky glass, almost next door to Lucky Supermarket and a five-minute drive from the Independence Monument. More ... read more


  • Yoga and Pilates
    3.5 stars

    Several gyms and studios offer a range of yoga and Pilates in Phnom Penh. We highly recommend teacher Kate Liana, who leads courses at NataRaj Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings and also at the InterContinental Hotel. She can also be contacted directly for private ... read more

  • Swimming in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    As the mercury shows no signs of dropping for at least another month, there’s no better way to cool down than spending some time poolside in Phnom Penh. ... read more

  • Gyms in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    If you’re looking to get fit in Phnom Penh, there are a plethora of options — from aerobics at Olympic Stadium to the new public exercise equipment on the riverside. ... read more

  • Aerobics at Phnom Penh's Olympic Stadium
    3.5 stars

    Every evening at dusk hundreds of Cambodians gather at the top of Olympic Stadium to listen to Khmer techno and get some cardiovascular exercise in. ... read more


  • Beautiful Shoes
    4 stars

    Long-running Beautiful Shoes makes, well, shoes. And boots. And belts and handbags and wallets. But mainly shoes. Made to measure, hand cobbled and designed by the customer. Apparently, clients have been known to become a bit giddy on a first visit, overfaced with cabinets stuffed full with a ... read more

  • Aeon Mall
    3.5 stars

    Half department store, half branded boutiques, Japanese-run Aeon Mall is four floors of concentrated consumerism. Opened in June 2014, for the first few weekends it seemed like all of Phnom Penh descended at once to get their fix at Japanese-run Aeon Mall. Half department store, half branded ... read more

  • TK Avenue
    3 stars

    TK Avenue is a pedestrianised High Street experience, lifted wholesale from a generic town in the UK or Australia and plonked into a Cambodian neighbourhood. Along with freshly opened Aeon Mall, another new shopping destination that may either fill you with delight or horror is TK Avenue... Yes, ... read more

  • An afternoon at Phnom Penh's City Mall
    3.5 stars

    There’s no way to pretend that hot season isn’t off to a roaring start in Phnom Penh, with temperatures already far higher than I am ready to cope with. ... read more

  • English-language bookstores in Phnom Penh
    3.5 stars

    About to head out on the bus to Battambang or Siem Reap and need a good book for the trip? ... read more

Day trips

  • Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
    4.5 stars

    Inside the area where the Siberian tigers feed, the metallic smell of blood wafted up from gnawed carcasses strewn across the cement floor ... read more

  • Koh Dach
    3 stars

    Koh Dach is an island about 15km north of Phnom Penh on the Mekong River. There are two reasons to visit this 30 square kilometre island -- for the beach, or to check out the handicrafts that local artisans make. The beach is very popular with locals on the weekends but during the week you will ... read more

  • Kien Svay (Koki Beach)
    3.5 stars

    With a beautiful lakeside setting, hundred of bamboo salas to choose from, and plenty of cheap beer and food, Kien Svay is a little bit difficult to find, but once you get there a world of peace opens up. ... read more

  • Kingdom Breweries
    3.5 stars

    Kingdom Breweries dubs itself as the only “premium” Cambodian beer. ... read more

  • Day trip from Phnom Penh: Ta Khmao
    3.5 stars

    There’s no particular reason to visit Ta Khmao, which is reason enough in my book. ... read more

  • Phnom Chisor
    4 stars

    Great for a day trip, this spectacular site is a mere hour's drive from the capital and a short drive from the well-preserved Jayarvarman VII temple of Ta Prom and the excellent animal rehabilitation centre Phnom Tamao. Despite being one of the most interesting Angkor period temples, Phnom Chisor ... read more

  • Phnom Udong
    3.5 stars

    The capital of Cambodia from 1618 to 1866, Udong was sacked by the Thais, bombed by the Americans and blown up by the Khmer Rouge. Despite this past, a new generation of Khmers have poured interest and money into trying to bring reason to the mayhem and the results form an excellent day trip from ... read more

  • Ta Prohm at Tonle Bati
    3.5 stars

    Ta Phrom at Tonle Bati in a remarkably good state of repair, has plenty of excellent carved reliefs, a picturesque lakeside setting and was built during the reign of the main man himself — Jayarvarman VII. And hardly any visitors come here! ... read more

Performing arts

  • Plae Pakaa: Cambodian Living Arts
    4 stars

    Cambodia's culture is beautifully demonstrated by Cambodian Living Arts' Plae Pakaa performances at the National Museum. The tick-list of things to see in Phnom Penh is often heavy on the brutal history, leaving visitors reeling and with only a bite-sized impression of the country's rich heritage. ... read more


Hiking, walking tours and itineraries

Public parks and zoos

    Boat trips

    • Sunset boat trip
      4.5 stars

      One of the best ways to see the fast-changing Phnom Penh skyline is from the water as the sun sets. Watch the neon lights of the capital flicker on rather dramatically as the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Tonle Bassac rivers darken from milk chocolate to black in ... read more

    Festivals and events


      • Eclipse Sky Bar
        4 stars

        For an incredible view of still relatively low-rise Phnom Penh, head up 23 storeys to Eclipse Sky Bar, which as of end-2015 is the highest rooftop bar in the capital. ... read more

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