Photo: Enjoying the late light off Kep.

Things to see and do

Kep beach

Since the French selected Kep-sur-Mer as their holiday destination of choice in 1908, this somnolent seaside town has welcomed discerning tourists. In its golden age of the ’50s and ’60s, fancy sports cars, daring bikinis and lavish villas made the resort the “Saint Tropez of Southeast Asia” for its elite visitors. After a few decades off the radar for all but canny backpackers and expats ... Read more about Kep beach .

Kep’s crab market

Hanging out in Kep’s crab market is one of our favourite things to do in Cambodia, but eating in one of the waterside restaurants is also certainly a culinary highlights during any trip to the ... Read more about Kep’s crab market .

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Aside from eating crab, the few points of interest in and around Kep are sufficient to fill two or three slow-moving days. Kep itself has three main attractions aside from the beach. While ostensibly a national park stretching across some 5,000 hectares (including Ko Tonsay and Ko Po), the vast majority of Kep National Park's gazetted area is being used for farming and whatnot so it's hardly a ... Read more about Kep general activities .

Where to next?

Where are you planning on heading to after Kep? Here are some spots commonly visited from here, or click here to see a full destination list for Cambodia.

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