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  • Where is Sihanoukville's Ochheuteal beach?
    3.5 stars

    “Where is Ochheuteal beach?” Sounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it? After all, Ochheuteal gets written about more than any other beach in Sihanoukville ... read more

  • The far side of Otres Beach
    3.5 stars

    Sunday is a good day to escape the crowds in Sihanoukville. It used to be easy — you’d just go to Otres beach instead of Ochheuteal. ... read more

  • Off the beach at Ochheuteal Beach
    3.5 stars

    There’s another Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville you might miss unless you happen to be staying in one of the hotels or guesthouses there ... read more

  • Victory Hill and beach
    3.5 stars

    Sihanoukville’s Victory Hill, or simply “the Hill” has acquired such a bad reputation, it’s almost embarrassing to admit to spending time there ... read more

  • Sokha beach
    3.5 stars

    Are the crowds on Ochheuteal beach getting you down? Do you want to go to the beach and not have to pick a lounge chair in front of a restaurant for the privilege? ... read more

  • Serendipity Beach’s bungalow row, Sihanoukville
    3.5 stars

    When you reach the foot of the pier at the bottom of Serendipity Road in Sihanoukville, look to your left and you’ll see three-kilometre long Ochheuteal Beach. ... read more

  • Serendipity Road and beach
    3.5 stars

    Sihanoukville’s Serendipity beach area has been changing so fast it’s hard even for those of us who live here to get our heads around it. ... read more

  • Victory Beach
    3.5 stars

    Most Sihanoukville beaches have distinct personalities. Wherever you stay on Otres Beach, for example, it will have a laidback “Otres Beach” feel to it. ... read more

  • Independence Beach
    3.5 stars

    If a walk along relatively quiet Independence Beach away from the hordes of Occheuteal appeals to you, go there sooner rather than later ... read more

  • Serendipity Beach
    3.5 stars

    Ochheuteal is a beach. Despite persistent rumours to the contrary, Serendipity is not. ... read more

  • Ochheuteal beach
    3.5 stars

    When there’s a break in the rain during the monsoon, we drop everything and head for the beach; such was the case one recent Sunday afternoon, when we decided to head to Ochheuteal beach for dinner. ... read more


  • Phnom Meas
    3.5 stars

    Have you ever wondered what Cambodian families do on weekends? If they’re city dwellers, they pack up the family and go on a picnic ... read more


  • Otres Market
    3.5 stars

    Otres Market is more a chilled-out concert space than market, though you'll still find a few odds and ends and plenty of food. Concealed down a back road behind Otres Beach One, you'll find the new Otres Market happening every Saturday. More a chilled out concert-party where you can find a few ... read more

  • Sihanoukville’s Otres Market
    3.5 stars

    Have you ever been to one of those rural weekend markets where all the locals gather to display their wares? ... read more

  • Psar Leu Market
    4 stars

    Sihanoukville's downtown area is a decidedly local affair well away from the beaches, and while it might not be on the top of most travellers' sightseeing list, it offers a chance to glimpse the local ways of life. At the centre of downtown is Psar Leu Market, which has been rebuilt in impressive ... read more

General activities

  • What to do in downtown Sihanoukville
    3.5 stars

    Unless you’re an expat looking for some furniture, building supplies or a new fridge, downtown Sihanoukville may not be your first pick of fun places to visit in Sihanoukville. ... read more

  • Local charities
    4 stars

    Not all in Sihanoukville are sharing the benefits and there are many, especially children who are truly missing out. Here are some organisations doing good work. You can also support local charities dedicated to helping children. M'Lop Tapang is a Sihanoukville-based Cambodian charity that focuses ... read more


  • Diving
    3.5 stars

    Diving in Cambodia is reasonable and the areas around Sihanoukville are some of the better regarded in the country. Five dive outfits in town offer training and certification as well as fun dives. Scuba Nation offer PADI and National Geographic Diver courses that include equipment rental, ... read more

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