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Things to see and do


  • Serendipity Beach
    3.5 stars

    It may be because it’s easier to pronounce, the word carries a certain wishful mystique and it’s the name of the primary road that leads to Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beaches but Serendipity has taken a stronger hold on people’s minds than its actual size ... read more

  • Ochheuteal beach
    3.5 stars

    For an area so small, Ochheuteal has a surprising array of personality traits. Even the three-kilometre long beach from which the area takes its name changes character as you stroll or stagger along it, depending on your fancy. ... read more

  • Otres Beach
    3.5 stars

    When people talk dirty about Sihanoukville, they’re often really talking about Ochheuteal and its environs and all of the low-grade sleaziness that that place exudes like an infected wound. But there is very much more to Sihanoukville than this, with Otre ... read more

  • Sokha beach
    3.5 stars

    Are the crowds on Ochheuteal beach getting you down? Do you want to go to the beach and not have to pick a lounge chair in front of a restaurant for the privilege? ... read more

  • Independence Beach
    3.5 stars

    If a walk along relatively quiet Independence Beach away from the hordes of Occheuteal appeals to you, go there sooner rather than later ... read more

  • Victory Beach and Hill
    3.5 stars

    Most Sihanoukville beaches have distinct personalities. Otres is relaxed, while Ochheuteal is hyperactive, and Victory beach is different again. More of a pastiche of identities than a single entity, there’s arguably something for everyone here, from back ... read more

  • Hawaii Beach
    4 stars

    Often overlooked, Hawaii Beach is a short 750 metre stretch of white sand under the shadow of Koh Pos, or Snake Island. It is much more popular with Cambodian families than tourists, which is why we liked it so much because wherever Cambodian families gat ... read more


  • Diving
    3.5 stars

    Diving in Cambodia is reasonable and the areas around Sihanoukville are some of the better regarded in the country. ... read more


  • Kbal Chhay Waterfalls
    4 stars

    Ream National Park, which boasts 210 square kilometres of forest and mangroves, was the first national park to be inaugurated in Cambodia after the civil war. In addition to extensive mangrove forests, low hill rises and freshwater marshes, the park is do ... read more

Day trips

  • Sailing and water sports in Sihanoukville
    3.5 stars

    Depending on your point of view, the good or bad news is that jet-packs are banned at Sihanoukville: something to do with people bursting out of the water at speed and frightening the daylights out of swimmers. ... read more

  • Ream national park
    4 stars

    Just 17 km from central Sihanoukville, Ream National Park was formally inaugurated in 1995, the first national park in peace-time Cambodia. This stretch of forest and coastline was of major strategic importance when the Vietnamese launched their attack on ... read more

  • On the set in Ream
    3.5 stars

    If you want to throw a little culture into your visit to Sihanoukville, take a day trip out to Ream and the set of the 2009 film, Un barrage contre le Pacifique (The Sea Wall). ... read more

  • Motorcycling in and around Sihanoukville
    3.5 stars

    Hitting the open road on your own two wheels fills you with a sense of freedom and opens up a place to curious minds like nothing else can. Even a bicycle lets a space reveal itself in a way that two feet never can, affording ground coverage and unrestric ... read more


  • Phnom Meas
    3.5 stars

    Have you ever wondered what Cambodian families do on weekends? If they’re city dwellers, they pack up the family and go on a picnic ... read more

General activities


  • Shopping in Sihanoukville
    3.5 stars

    At first glance, the shopping options in Sihanoukville might look slimmer than a mankini. But there are fun things to be found, some of which are even a little more practical, and attractive, than a mankini. ... read more


  • Otres Market
    3.5 stars

    The area to the south of Otres Village, known as Otres Riverside, has become a laid-back enclave and home to a jumble of alternative souls who favour a simpler life, and the odd wild party. ... read more

  • Psar Leu Market
    4 stars

    Sihanoukville's downtown area is a decidedly local affair well away from the beaches, and while it might not be on the top of most travellers' sightseeing list, it offers a chance to glimpse the local ways of life. At the centre of downtown is Psar Leu Market, which has been rebuilt in ... read more

Festivals and events

  • Pchum Ben at Wat Krom
    3.5 stars

    Cambodians are world leaders when it comes to holidays and religious festivals, as we’ve said before. One of the biggest, Pchum Ben (also called Bon P’chum Ben), falls on the 15th day of the waning moon during the Cambodian month of Pheaktrobotr, so mark ... read more

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