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Banteay Chhmar

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  • Banteay Chhmar temple
    4.5 stars

    Banteay Chhmar means Temple of Cats, but it is unclear why it was so named. Built in the late 12th century during the reign of Jayavarman VII, who dedicated it to his eldest son (who had perished fighting the Chams). it is the fourth largest temple in modern-day Cambodia after Preah Khan (in ... read more

  • Banteay Top
    4 stars

    Banteay Top is well worth the 20-minute journey as you'll pass through the scenic and peaceful countryside. Expect a lot of attention from curious locals as they rarely see Western tourists. Expect stunning golden rice fields, simple wooden houses, and picturesque scenery along the way. ... read more

  • Prasat Samnang Tasok
    3.5 stars

    Not far from Banteay Chhmar, Prasat Samnang Tasok is a hidden temple located within thick vegetation making it difficult to find if you don't have a guide (we strongly suggest bringing a guide along as land mine warnings are present in the area). You'll cross a small stream by means of a wooden ... read more

  • Pol Pot Baray
    3.5 stars

    Rather than being a depressing token of Pol Pot's brutality, the locals we encountered considered this giant artificial lake to be a great accomplishment of the Khmer people. In addition to being picturesque, the lake is vital to the locals for fishing, bathing, rice production and as a general ... read more

  • Silk-weaving centre
    3.5 stars

    The silk-weaving centre is a silk manufacturing project run by Soieries Du Mekong, a French company that produces silk scarves and other attire. The centre employs 70 locals and an English-speaking guide will give you a tour of the entire operation from the beginning of the manufacturing process to ... read more

  • Other satellite temples
    3.5 stars

    Other temples surround Banteay Chhmar but most are in complete ruins or particularly challenging to reach. If you're an ancient temple enthusiast, you might find visiting some of them to be quite an adventure (though stay on marked paths as landmines might be present). When we tried, Prasat ... read more

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