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  • Battambang weekend
    3.5 stars

    It may be Cambodia’s second-largest city, but Battambang, a sleepy burg connected to the Tonle Sap by the Sangkor River, retains a unique small-town charm and makes for a great weekend getaway from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. ... read more

  • Tours of Battambang
    4 stars

    Taking an organised or roll-it-yourself tour of Battambang is a great way to visit the area’s sights while taking in the magnificent local scenery at a leisurely pace. ... read more


  • Ek Phnom and Wat Baset
    4 stars

    Wat Ek Phnom dates back to the 11th century and is one of the most visited attractions around Battambang and is often combined with a stop at Wat Baset. Wat Ek, often called Ek Phnom, dates back to the 11th century and is one of the most visited attractions around Battambang. If you've already seen ... read more

  • Phnom Banan
    3.5 stars

    Phnom Banan is some 22 kilometres to the north of town, but worth a visit if you've time to spare. Like Ek Phnom, Banan is also originally 11th century-built, though it saw a Buddhist makeover during the 12th century and reign of Jayarvarman VII. The temple is constructed on top of a hill ... read more

  • Phnom Sampeou
    4 stars

    Phnom Sampeou is home to a pretty hilltop pagoda complex from which views across Battambang can be enjoyed -- and it's where one can confront one of the more dire elements of the Khmer Rouge era. ... read more

  • Prasart Stueng
    3.5 stars

    A final temple you'll see in Battambang guides is Prasart Steung in Snoeung village, and a great little temple it is too, though it's some way out of town on the Pailin road. A visit here could be combined with Phnom Sampeou, with Snoueng being the next village down the road. If road ... read more

General activities

  • Phare Circus
    4.5 stars

    In a proper big top, the circus hosts performances several nights a week with choreographed shows highlighting different elements of Cambodian culture. ... read more

  • Bamboo train
    4.5 stars

    Forever under threat of extinction, this unusual, and thrilling, way of catching a glimpse of the gorgeous Battambang countryside is known locally as a norrie, or nori, or nory. It's a "train" made of a bamboo platform set on two sets of bogies with a small motor stuck on the back. They used to be ... read more

  • Battambang Winery
    3.5 stars

    Cambodia's first and only winery, the Chan Thai Choeung (or Banan) Winery, is located 14 kilometres outside of town on the banks of the Sangkar River and is open for visits and tasting. Putting it politely, the wine is not exactly to Western tastes, but it does make for a somewhat unusual ... read more


  • Battambang Provincial Museum
    3.5 stars

    Can't get enough of Cambodia's ancient relics? Battambang museum offers an excellent display of sculptures and sandstone carvings, mostly items that have been removed from Cambodia's various temples. The pieces seem to be arranged in no particular order with little regard to chronology or ... read more

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  • Shopping
    3.5 stars

    Battambang doesn’t really lend itself easily, or much at all, to identification as a shopping mecca, but there are still interesting things to be found in among the phone shops and hair salons. ... read more

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