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  • Just another Amed sunrise
    3.5 stars

    We’re up in Amed for a long weekend with some friends who are visiting from Bangkok. We’ve rented a beachfront shack between the four of us (before you get jealous, that’s four adults plus four kids under five!) for a few days. ... read more

  • Amed jukung boat trip
    3.5 stars

    Visit pretty much any beach on east or north Bali and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of jukungs pulled up onto the sand. ... read more

  • Jemeluk Lookout
    4 stars

    On the hill above Jemeluk is a fantastic scenic vantage point that affords views of the turquoise waters of Jemeluk and the awe-inspiring Gunung Agung. Walking to the top of the hill is possible for those without transport staying in Jemeluk and for the adventurous from Bunutan. The lookout is at ... read more

  • Diving
    4 stars

    An abundance of dive sites around the Amed area are highly regarded such as Gili Selang, Batu Kelebit and the Tulamben shipwreck with drop offs, coral gardens and an abundance of pelagics. For those without PADI certification, diving is possible in the Jemeluk bay where you'll see much the same as ... read more

  • Snorkelling
    4 stars

    The snorkelling in Amed is fantastic, with live coral, an abundance of fish and crystal clear waters at many of the beaches — this is a major reason that many come to the area. Snorkelling can be done at most of the beaches in the Amed area, but the best are at the eastern end of Jemeluk next to ... read more

  • The making of arak
    3.5 stars

    Arak can be made a number of ways. In the village of Merita just outside of Culik, they ferment the sap from coconut flowers on the tree and then distill it in cobbled together contraptions in the village. It's possible to visit Merita to see this process where the local villagers will ask one ... read more

  • East Bali bike tours
    4 stars

    Taking an East Bali Bike Tour is a fantastic way to peer into the nooks and crannies of Bali's stunning rural life -- and it's (almost!) all downhill. Expect picture-perfect rice paddy, fertile irrigated farmland where peanuts, potatoes, fruits and flower ... read more

  • Road to Bangle
    3.5 stars

    Bangle is a rural village 5km inland from Bunutan nestled between towering hills. It's very rura with not a lot going on, but it is a pleasant scenic drive or ride here from the coast. The road follows the river and you will come across farmers tending to crops such as corn, peanuts and singkong. ... read more

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