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  • Canggu beaches, Bali
    3.5 stars

    Canggu is a beach and ricefield area out to the northwest of Seminyak. It’s famous for three things: the surf, the ricefield views and the private villa rentals. ... read more

  • Berawa Beach
    4 stars

    You'll also see this spelt Brawa Beach — same place. This is a popular surf spot, with a beachfront hotel, seaside snack vendors, cold beers in the afternoon and, best of all, no parking toll! Just to the south of the road lies the Legong Keraton Hotel, but you'll find most of the surfers are ... read more

  • Nelayan Beach
    3.5 stars

    This is an interesting contrast to the Canggu beaches to the north and south of here as there's an active fishing fleet of jukungs that use it as their base. You'll see the jukungs pulled up onto the top of the sand dune with little storage shacks straight behind them. There's not much happening ... read more

  • Batu Bolong Beach
    4 stars

    Save the luxurious Hotel Tugu, there's little in the way of development immediately around Batu Bolong. There's a couple of places to eat and drink and enough sand to stake out some territory. As far as Canggu eateries go, the very impressive and very bamboo Om restaurant gets some very big thumbs ... read more

  • Batu Mejan Beach (Echo Beach)
    3.5 stars

    Better known as Echo Beach, Batu Mejan has gone through big changes in recent years and while it remains a hit with surfers, it's also a popular with those wanting to watch the goings on in comfort. The central part of the beach is long gone, replaced by a substantial retaining wall which both ... read more

  • Pererenan Beach
    4 stars

    This is the westernmost beach that we cover within the Canggu section and it is also the most out of the way with no shortcuts (that we could find anyway) to Jalan Batu Mejan. It's very low-key on the run down from Raya Canggu — lots of luminescent green rice fields, and while there are a ... read more

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