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  • Dolphin watching
    3.5 stars

    Nevertheless, every man and his dog will be able to set you up for some dolphin watching in Lovina. When you're walking around town, numerous touts will offer you a variety of dolphin watching possibilities. Rates start at 60,000 rupiah per person with a 50% discount if no dolphins are spotted! ... read more

  • Lovina's beaches
    3.5 stars

    While Lovina is not a perfect beach destination, it is clean enough to go for a swim and pleasant enough to hang around for a few hours. The black sands are more of a dark grey — don't come expecting Santorini style, jet black sand. Aside from laying around and frolicking in the waters, the ... read more

  • Banjar hotsprings
    3.5 stars

    From the turnoff, a 5km long road leads inland to the famous warm spring-fed swimming pools of Banjar where countless visitors, domestic and international, come to bathe and be energised by the water. Upon paying the entry fee (child/adult: 3,000/5,000 rupiah) you are greeted by the usual array ... read more

  • Les Waterfall
    3 stars

    After a brief drive up to the car park, you will be shown a car parking spot in front of a cafe and told about the mandatory donation, allegedly used to pay cleaners and maintainers of the path. On our visit, there were no such employees visible and the donation book had countless entries of ... read more

  • Yeh Sanih
    3 stars

    Taking a dip at Yeh Sanih is especially worthwhile outside of the traditional busy periods. During "peak hour" the crowds of excited locals can be a little overwhelming, and perhaps take away from (or add to it depending on your viewpoint) the relaxed nature of the place. Because it is on ... read more

  • Git Git Waterfall
    3.5 stars

    Accessed by a 1km long path from the main car park, the path passes by countless stalls selling mass produced handicrafts and is relatively easy to navigate, but includes a large number of stairs which could be difficult for the less mobile. The warungs in the car park are the best option for ... read more

  • Old Singaraja Harbour
    3.5 stars

    There are some old colonial buildings that are in a state of disrepair, on old Dutch bridge and the Chinese temple Ling Gwan Kiong. The newer monument of Yudha Mandalatama stands proud over the oceanfront as symbol of nationalistic pride at having defeated the Dutch colonial powers. It's an ... read more

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