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Nusa Penida

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  • Volunteer on Nusa Penida
    4 stars

    The project, run by the Friends of the National Parks Foundation, has three main objectives on Nusa Penida: the release and protection of endangered bird species and other wildlife, community education, and development and habitat restoration. They have been most successful in achieving their ... read more

  • Diving around Nusa Penida
    4 stars

    Crystal Bay, Manta Point and SD Point are the best known of Nusa Penida's dive spots. Manta Point is known for, well, manta rays but as was very clearly explained to us, there is nothing else here to see — so if the manta rays are out of town there is no point getting in the water. Crowd pleasing ... read more

  • Snorkelling at Nusa Penida
    4.5 stars

    Three main spots are accessible to casual snorkellers. The north coast of the island, roughly from Ped to Sampalan, has a number of offshore snorkelling spots (we tried it from near Ped). You can only really do it at high tide and it is a good idea to get a local to point the way out as the seaweed ... read more

  • Crystal Bay
    4 stars

    Many snorkelling and diving trips will bring you here. Divers come to see sunfish while snorkellers come for the pretty coral and often very clear visibility. The beach is one of Nusa Penida's better ones, and it is possible to buy basic food and cold drinks here. Note the hammock and ... read more

  • Tanglad traditional weaving centre
    4 stars

    The southeastern hub of Tanglad is a bit over an hour by motorbike from Toyo Pakeh, and half the pleasure of coming here is the ride. The cotton fabrics they weave here, called 'kain cepuk', take about a year to make, use three main colours and are primarily for formal use for funerals and trance ... read more

  • Banah cliffs
    4.5 stars

    At a height of some 200 metres, these sheer cliffs will, quite literally, take your breath away. That you're able to stand right at the very edge, with no security fencing and feel the wind blasting up the cliff, is exhilarating. There's a small, somewhat perilous staircase that stumbles down ... read more

  • Goa Karangsari
    3 stars

    The actual entrance point is a miniscule crawlway at the summit of fifty or so steps from the road. Note this is a temple, so if you don't have one you'll need to rent a sarong and sash from the shop at the base for 5,000 rupiah. Once at the summit you need to crawl through the entrance way into ... read more

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