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  • Museum Le Mayeur
    4 stars

    Belgian artist Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres served as an army painter through World War I before embarking on a series of international journeys that saw him finally arrive at Singaraja in north Bali in 1932. He had come to Bali ostensibly to prepare for an exhibition in Singapore but he became ... read more

  • Jukung cruise
    4.5 stars

    A jukung is the small wooden double outrigger boat (well really a canoe) that you'll see pulled up on just about every beach in Indonesia. Primarily used for fishing, the traditional jukungs use a lanteen sail (a triangle-shaped sail), though today most also have a small engine to keep them going ... read more

  • Yoga
    3.5 stars

    Located on Mertasari beach at the southern end of Sanur, the Power of Now yoga/meditation centre provides yoga class every morning and the only ask is that you make a donation to a local orphanage. The yoga teachers are two extremely relaxed Kiwi guys with a passion for surfing and holistic health ... read more

  • Massage in Sanur
    4 stars

    Massages can be had throughout town at any number of salons and spas. Prices start at 50,000 rupiah for a one hour massage of a quality that is difficult to predict prior to lying on the bed. On the beach, massages are much cheaper and can be as low as 30,000 rupiah, but be warned that the quality ... read more

  • Bali Safari and Marine Park
    4 stars

    This is an excellent day out in Bali for families — though as with all sites of this kind in Bali, get in as early as possible before the crowds thicken. The park is efficiently organised and run, with plenty of animals — elephants, tigers, Komodo dragons, orangutans — and opportunities to ... read more

  • Turtle Conservation and Education Centre
    4 stars

    This centre does an important job breeding endangered turtles and looking after sick or injured turtles brought in by fishermen or villagers from around Bali. As tourism and development has spread in Bali, fewer areas are appropriate for turtles to nest -- this is a haven for them. It's a good spot ... read more

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