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  • Ubud Monkey Forest
    4 stars

    The Monkey Forest is a highlight for many first-time visitors to Ubud, but personally, with a strong fear of monkeys, we much prefer the towering forest here to the rampaging simians. According to a brochure handed out when you buy your ticket, there are 563 long-tail macaques in the forest, ... read more

  • Ubud market
    3.5 stars

    There's a basement level to the market that has all the grime you'll need for your authentic Ubudian experience (though to be honest many Ubudians probably shop at the Bintang Supermarket over on Jalan Raya Campuhan, but lets not worry about that little detail). The basement level is actually ... read more

  • Threads of Life
    4.5 stars

    The Centre commissions textile makers and basket weavers across Indonesia to support the continuation of local traditions and create an environment in which villages can earn an income from the creation of cultural artifacts. The Centre features a small gallery, a demonstration on the weaving ... read more

  • Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
    4 stars

    The museum is made up of a series of buildings used for the display of a permanent collection of artwork, temporary exhibitions and as the venue of live dance performances throughout the year. The paintings on display at the Arma Museum range from traditional to contemporary and include ... read more

  • Museum Puri Lukisan
    4 stars

    The museum is the oldest art museum in Ubud and has three pavilions dedicated to pre-war art, post-war art and temporary exhibitions. The gardens within which the pavilions are located are tranquil and are relaxing to walk through as you move from pavilion to pavilion. Sadly, this place doesn't ... read more

  • Pondok Pekak
    4 stars

    The library lives on and for an annual fee of 250,000 rupiah you can borrow an unlimited number of books. As the library has grown, so have the services it offers and it now provides a library service specifically for Balinese children, music and dance classes and a range of other classes ... read more

  • Rio Helmi Photo Gallery
    4 stars

    Helmi now has a gallery displaying his best works in a side street in Ubud, located about 100m north of Ibu Oka on Jalan Suweta on the left side of the road. The photographs on display are taken from his time both in Bali and other parts of the world and utilise a variety of different styles ... read more

  • The Blanco Renaissance Cultural Museum
    3.5 stars

    After consuming your complimentary drink on arrival, you are greeted by an enormous marble gate in the shape of the maestro's signature through which the museum is reached. Outside of the museum are the family's gardens where a range of birds are kept on display. They include lots of the very ... read more

  • Neka Art Museum
    3.5 stars

    The museum is extremely popular with tour groups and you will often see hordes descend and disappear as quickly as they arrived. If you can fit yourself in between the groups or visit closer to the 17:00 closing time, it is a peaceful place to wander from pavilion to pavilion taking in the ... read more

  • The Yoga Barn
    4 stars

    Located at the southern end of Ubud, the Yoga Barn has drop-in classes scheduled for every day of the week and they range from classes for complete beginners to those for experts. The studio itself is a large wooden floored pavilion with open sides to allow a cross-breeze when it's too hot and ... read more

  • Cooking schools
    4 stars

    The most popular cooking school in town is operated by Janet de Neefe's Casa Luna on Jalan Raya Ubud. It's been operating a cooking school for years and is known for its ability to cater for both those that want a hands-on experience and those that would prefer to sit back and watch. Some of ... read more

  • Dance performance
    4 stars

    The most popular dance performance is held in the Ubud Palace and is usually in the Legong and/or Barong styles. These are stunning performances that are well-enough lit that it's possible to take photographs without a flash. Some other dance performances are located outside of town and ... read more

  • Shadow puppet performance
    4 stars

    However, this intriguing performance is possible to view three times per week at the Oka Kartini Bungalows on Jalan Raya Ubud, just to the east of town. Much of the performance is accompanied by an ancient form of language that visitors can't understand so notes are provided to ensure that ... read more

  • Goa Gajah
    3.5 stars

    Dating from the 10th or 11th century, this complex contains a cave, a couple of temples, some ancient bathing ponds and some collapsed Buddhist relics all within a stunning jungle setting. The cave, the main attraction here, has a beautifully carved facade in the shape of a demon, of which the ... read more

  • Yeh Pulu
    3 stars

    It's a 20m long and 2m high cliff face reputedly carved in the 14th century with some immediately recognisable figures such as horses and people working, and then some other figures that have worn away to a degree that makes them indistinguishable. The carvings themselves are of passing interest ... read more

  • Gunung Kawi
    3.5 stars

    The punishing walk down the steps towards the river and the shrines takes you past the usual array of shops selling handicrafts and artwork, but more impressively affords amazing views of the surrounding rice terraces which tumble down into the valley below. On the western side of the river are ... read more

  • Tirta Empul
    3 stars

    Upon entering the complex, you'll notice two crystal clear bathing pools which are used by local people for healing. Each of the spouts that fill the two pools must be prayed at and bathed under in order from left to right, with the exception of a couple of special spouts used for the washing of ... read more

  • Sangeh Monkey Forest
    4 stars

    Quite an impressive scene if you can manage to do it without a guide or tour group around, you're surrounded by thirty metre tall trees that block out the sun leaving the forest floor in an eerie darkness. Looking upwards, the trees form a breathtaking avenue towards the first of several ... read more

  • Hubud
    3.5 stars

    Hubud is a coworking space in Ubud which outlines some of the benefits of working there as including “Enhanced Motivation, Quality Networking, Accelerated Serendipity, Collective Brainpower, Social Stimulation and Modern Facilities”. Hubud is set on Monkey Forest Road, about 100 metres (not ... read more

  • Bali Zoo
    3.5 stars

    The enclosures for some animals do seem too small, but this zoo is pretty good by Asian standards, being reasonably well maintained and in the mornings, at least, rather well shaded. Highlights include agile gibbons, whose very loud calls can be heard throughout the zoo, and on our visit we had a ... read more

  • Bali Bird Park
    3.5 stars

    Check the timetable for various activities as soon as you arrive and plan around that — make sure you see the bird show as this is a definite highlight, with trained birds swooping and screeching on demand. Some 250 species of birds are kept at the park, spread across two hectares of well ... read more

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