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  • Ende Beach
    4 stars

    This attractive strip of black sand and electric blue water, located east of Ende on the road out to Wolotopo, would attract pricy condominiums almost anywhere else in the world. Here, it's the sole domain of crabs and the occasional group of local teens -- but only in the afternoons. A known ... read more

  • Wolotopo
    4 stars

    This beautiful hillside village is reached by a pleasant motorbike ride through steep and electric green canyons 12 kilometres east of Ende following the coast, a scenic journey that takes about 25 minutes. Wolotopo is known for its traditional and lovingly maintained adat (traditional) houses, ... read more

  • Blue Stone Beach
    3 stars

    This striking beach is composed almost entirely of unusual turquoise, pastel blue, and reddish stones, a geological marvel. The scenic 25-kilometre drive northwest from Ende on the road to Bajawa takes about 30 or 40 minutes, and passes by green canyons tumbling into the sea, gorgeous black ... read more

  • Bung Karno Museum
    3 stars

    This is a rather empty free museum built into Sukarno's former Ende bungalow, where the exiled political icon wrote a Frankenstein knockoff, sat under trees having deep political thoughts, and painted nicely executed pictures of local rituals. While the bungalow and grounds are very well kept. ... read more

  • Ende harbour and market
    3 stars

    The small Ende harbour isn't exactly a tourist attraction, but it's interesting to wander out onto the pier and ask the boats where they're heading. Makassar, Bali and Maluku -- the answers are as exotic as Flores itself. You'll see mid-sized container ships idling in the harbour as well as the ... read more

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