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  • Liang Bua (Hobbit cave)
    4 stars

    This large, open-mouthed cave was the site of a stunning archeological discovery in 2003, when the skeletal remains of a small humanoid were unearthed. At only 106 centimetres in height, the adult female skeleton was dated back to only 18,000 years ago while being similar in stature and ... read more

  • Spider web fields at Cancar
    3.5 stars

    An image commonly seen in western Flores is that of lingko -- or spider web fields -- where rice is cultivated as if on a massive pie chart. Related to traditional communal land-use practices, segments of the "pie chart" were farmed by particular families within the community -- we were told ... read more

  • Ranamese Lake
    3.5 stars

    A large and clear crater lake located in the Jurassic Park-esque jungle near Ruteng, this lovely spot is likely to be completely empty during a daytime visit, other than the occasional fisherman poking about. The lake reaches an impressive depth of 43 metres and resembles the sort of spot ... read more

  • Todo
    4 stars

    This small village in the south central region of today's Manggarai district was once the ceremonial heart of the Manggarai kingdom and one large traditional house still remains -- the others have succumbed to the stresses of time. Both men and women have to don an ikat sarong to enter this ... read more

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