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Karimunjawa Islands

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  • Tanjung Gelam
    4.5 stars

    Located five kilometres to the west of the main town of Karimunjawa is the fantastic beach of Tanjung Gelam, a stunning little white sand number with turquoise water so bright it makes your eyes hurt. When you think of a tropical paradise, this is likely what you think of: white sand beach, ... read more

  • Island hopping around the Karimunjawa Islands
    4.5 stars

    By far the most popular activity to engage in when coming to the Karimunjawa Islands is island hopping. Hiring a boat from a fisherman and heading out to the islands to explore, snorkel and take photos of the magnificent beaches and crystal clear water is a fantastic experience. The outlying ... read more

  • Pantai Barakuda
    4 stars

    A further three kilometres from the mangrove boardwalk is a sign marking the turnoff to Pantai Barakuda, a lovely little beach which is also home to a turtle breeding program. The beach is a sliver of white sand fringed by palm trees with water worthy of taking a dip in. From time to time, ... read more

  • Mangrove Forest Trek
    3 stars

    Continuing eight kilometres from the Tanjung Gelam turnoff in the middle of a forest is a boardwalk entrance called Tracking Mangrove. Unfortunately, the sign faces the road at a 90 degree angle meaning it is hard to see as you zoom along the road. Operated by the forestry department, this ... read more

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