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  • Pasar Triwindu (Antiques Market)
    4 stars

    Just a short walk out of the main gates of Puro Mankunagaran and located on the charming public art-filled street of Jalan Diponegoro, Pasar Triwindu is an antique lovers paradise.  However, a word of warning... if you don't know your antiques well, be careful not to be fooled by claims of ... read more

  • Puro Mankunegaran
    4 stars

    This is Solo's second palace, built by a rebel prince in 1757. Located in the heart of Solo, with a large alun-alun, or public park, in front, the Puro compund is made up of three different sections and contains a museum of artifacts from royal life, including some rather scary-looking male and ... read more

  • Candi Sukuh & Candi Cetho
    4.5 stars

    Located some 40 kilometres from Solo and set high among breathtaking tea plantations and lush green farmlands on the dramatic peaks of Mount Lawu, sit Candi Sukuh & Candi Cetho. These two ancient temples are little visited compared to Borobudur and Prambanan, but worth the sometimes precarious ... read more

  • Danar Hadi Batik Museum
    4.5 stars

    This private museum, established by the owner of the Danar Hadi batik company, has a comprehensive collection of antique batik materials, presented in an ornate building. Surprisingly, the museum is little known by most tourists, perhaps because it is situated behind what looks like a typical ... read more

  • Karaton Kasunanan Surakarta 
    3.5 stars

    Solo's palace, the Karaton, is a series of grand buildings gathered around leafy green courtyards.  Significantly more decorative than the public areas of Yogyakarta's Kraton in terms of style, it's definitely worth a visit if you are in town. A large part of the palace was destroyed by fire ... read more

  • Grojogan Sewu Waterfall
    4 stars

    This spectacular waterfall, set in a lush green canyon about an hour east of Solo, is popular with locals as a place to cool off. It also seems like a favourite place for timid courting teenagers on very G-rated dates. The path down to the waterfall is steep but paved steps make it a very ... read more

  • Pasar Klewar (Batik Market) and Kampung Batik
    4 stars

    Located next to the Karaton, Pasar Klewar is a bustling traditional market specialising in the sale of local batik fabric.  Nearly all of the products on sale are made from cheap mass produced batik, so be wary of any claims that the batik is handmade. The market is busy, crowded and hot, so ... read more

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