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Gunung Bromo

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  • Gunung Bromo, the alternative way
    3.5 stars

    Being one of Java‘s premier attractions, Gunung Bromo and the Tengger Caldera area get their fair share of visitors with many travelling straight from Yogyakarta via some sort of pre-arranged tour. ... read more

  • Gunung Bromo
    3.5 stars

    We’ve recently been writing about travelling in Java, the island immediately to the west of the tourist mecca of Bali. ... read more

  • Viewing Gunung Bromo
    4.5 stars

    There are two popular ways of experiencing the enormous Tengger Caldera, which contains Gunung Bromo. The first and most popular involves sharing the cost of a jeep to access the best viewpoints. All guesthouses can arrange these and will charge between 80,000 and 100,000 rupiah per person plus ... read more

  • Trek from Cemoro Lawang to Jemplang
    4 stars

    It's possible to exit the Bromo area in a different direction to what you arrived and it's actually a much more rewarding alternative. For those with stamina, a great option is to trek 10 kilometres from Cemoro Lawang through the Tengger Caldera and up the other side where onward transport is ... read more

  • Gunung Semeru
    4 stars

    Mainly popular among French visitors, climbing Java's highest mountain Gunung Semeru (3,676 metres above sea level) is an adventurous if not gruelling activity to tack onto your Bromo journey. The two-day trek starts in the town of Ranu Pane, six kilometres south of the Tengger Caldera. Most ... read more

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