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  • East Java's Trowulan
    3.5 stars

    Approximately 60 kilometres southwest of the bustling port city of Surabaya lies the dusty town of Trowulan. ... read more

  • Surabaya's sights in a day
    3.5 stars

    Many travellers we here at Travelfish.org speak with during their trans-Java journeys like to take in the main Java attractions of Borobudur, Gunung Bromo and Kawah Ijen before making a beeline to Bali. ... read more

  • House of Sampoerna
    4.5 stars

    Opened by founder Liem Seeng Tee in 1932 in an old colonial style building, this cigarette factory has now become Surabaya's premier tourist attraction. It's a beautifully presented attraction with a polished museum, trendy cafe and interesting city tours. Better still, the staff are professional, ... read more

  • Trowulan
    4 stars

    Discovered in the 1800s, the historical relics surrounding the town of Trowulan are a fantastic example of the former glory of the Majapahit empire, which reigned over much of Indonesia during the 14th and 15th centuries. This famous Hindu-Buddhist empire was the precursor to modern-day Bali and ... read more

  • Old Chinatown
    3.5 stars

    In the northern part of town, closer to the docks than what is nowadays known as the centre of the city, is what is commonly referred to as the old Chinatown. Much of the old Chinese influence has waned aside from a few Chinese temples and all that is left is row after row of very old buildings ... read more

  • Makam Belanda Peneleh
    3 stars

    Not far from a few of the budget accommodation options in town is the interesting Dutch Cemetery, Makam Belanda Peneleh. The expansive grounds of the cemetery contain the remains of many of the former Dutch colonial masters from years gone by and it is now preserved as a rarely visited tourist ... read more

  • Kong Tek Coen Ong Temple
    3.5 stars

    It feels like you've been transported back to 19th century China when you enter the dimly lit Kong Tek Coen Ong Buddhist temple on Jalan Dukuh, just a short walk north of Jalan Kembang Jepun. Upon entering the compound, you will see most people praying on the right and this area houses an ... read more

  • Monumen Kapal Selam
    3.5 stars

    On the banks of the Kalimas River across the road from the Gubeng train station sits a Whiskey Class Russian submarine which was built in 1952 and is locally known as Monumen Kapal Selam. The boat was acquired by the Indonesian Navy in 1962 and saw active service up until the time it was ... read more

  • Kebun Binatang Surabaya (Surabaya Zoo)
    3.5 stars

    Surabaya Zoo, better known as Kebun Binatang Surabaya, is a popular Surabaya attraction but we do not recommend a visit. Surabaya zoo is home to a diverse range of animals including many types of primates, deer and birds, but they are kept in dire conditions that don't seem to have improved much ... read more

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