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  • Things to do in Java's Bogor
    3.5 stars

    Many people travelling to Indonesia enter through the capital, Jakarta, which immediately challenges visitors to move on find the next location check out. ... read more

  • Bogor Botanical Gardens
    4.5 stars

    The Bogor Botanical Gardens, known as Kebun Raya by Indonesians, is an 80-hectare expanse of parkland established in 1817 for the research of plants from across the Indonesian archipelago. This is the primary tourist attraction in Bogor and a popular destination for foreign tourists. The expansive ... read more

  • Wayang Golek Workshop
    3 stars

    Pak Dase has being making wayang golek, the traditional Sundanese wooden puppets, for more than 30 years in the small riverside village of Lebak Kantin, which is located just north of the botanical garden and on the western of the river. Before being listed in guidebooks over a decade ago, Pak ... read more

  • Gong Pancasan
    3.5 stars

    This is a great little factory famous for its gongs, which are used in gamelan all around Indonesia. You can see the production process in a small, dark hut out the back of a shop a short ride or walk from central Bogor. Men fire bronze in a primitive fireplace and hammer it into shape with large ... read more

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