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  • Java's Ujung Genteng, end of the... roof tile?
    3.5 stars

    I’m often asked about my favourite places in Java and I often reply with expected responses such as “Bromo — it is spectacular” and “Dieng — a mystical paradise in the mountains”. ... read more

  • Cikaso Waterfall
    4 stars

    Cikaso Waterfall, also known as Air Terjun Cikaso and Curug Cikaso, is a spectacular triple waterfall which spills out of the surrounding thick forest into the boulder-filled aqua coloured water below. Locals come here en masse on weekends, but at other times it is possible you will be the only ... read more

  • Turtle Beach
    4 stars

    Between the month of August and March large turtles make the long journey from out in the deep blue sea all the way to a tiny section of sand on the aptly named Turtle Beach as they have been for millennia. The government has made a concerted effort to protect these creatures from poachers, who ... read more

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