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Pulau Weh

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  • Pulau Weh: Paradise under Sharia
    4.5 stars

    So how on earth has a small, but fervent, community of mostly Western diving enthusiasts begun to establish itself in a place that most would see as a hostile environment? Simple. Sharia law is not strictly enforced for non-Muslims, particularly when viol ... read more

  • Diving on Pulau Weh
    4.5 stars

    The main reason people go to Pulau Weh is for the fantastic diving which is primarily located around Iboih. The average dive will have you seeing all sorts of fish, eels and rays as well as the odd shark, turtle and perhaps even a whale shark. Visibility in these waters is fantastic with 20 to 30 ... read more

  • Motorcycle tour of Pulau Weh
    4 stars

    Aside from swinging in a hammock, snorkelling and diving, most visitors don't do much else on Pulau Weh primarily because there isn't that much to do. One good way to leave the hammock for a day is to rent a motorbike and take a trip around the island. Pulau Weh is a large island and it takes ... read more

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