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Luang Nam Tha

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  • Trekking
    4 stars

    Trekking is the primary reason that most travel to Luang Nam Tha. The province contains the Nam Ha National Protected Area (NPA), 2,224 square kilometres of mountainous mixed deciduous forest with three large rivers that drain to the Mekong, remote ethnic minority villages and endangered wildlife ... read more

  • Stupa
    3 stars

    There are two stupas in Luang Nam Tha and from many parts of town it's possible to see the gleaming golden stupa on top of the hill to the northwest; this one gives you the view. To get there, simply walk or drive up the main road and take a left at the petrol station until you hit the base and ... read more

  • Daytrip to Muang Sing
    4.5 stars

    Muang Sing lies 58 kilometres north of Luang Nam Tha on the Chinese border and it rates as one of our favourite spots in Laos. It has gorgeous pastoral scenery and considerable ethnic diversity – nine tribes within one town dramatically nestled in a valley surrounded by rolling mountains. While ... read more

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