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Muang Sing

Things to see and do

  • The Morning Market
    4 stars

    People of all local ethnicities flock to the morning market to snap up the freshest produce, the plumpest bird, the juiciest lizard, and many are resplendent in their colourful traditional dress. The produce covers the familiar and the unexpected, varying with the seasons: stuffed grilled frogs ... read more

  • Self-guided walks/treks
    4 stars

    To an outsider Muang Sing's nine ethnic groups may all seem the same but there are differences from head to toe: from a person's dress to the way they build their houses to what they craft, worship, eat and grow. ... read more

  • Organised treks
    4 stars

    As tourist numbers have fallen, so too have the number of agencies and operators offering treks in Muang Sing. It’s a pity because if you are looking for a trek in Laos with rich nature, remote hill tribes and the option for challenging hiking, Muang Sing is the real deal. An organised trek ... read more

  • Xieng Tung Stupa
    3.5 stars

    Xieng Tung temple and stupa are perched on top of a hill accessed via a dirt road off of the road to Luang Nam Tha. The temple is a modern build and it may not be so interesting to the average tourist but there is a view of the mountains and to the valley below which would be especially stunning ... read more

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