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Muang Sing

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  • The Morning Market
    4 stars

    Despite running all day, the Morning Market in Muang Sing is at its most exciting first thing in the morning, not long after the sun has risen. People of all local ethnicities flock to snap up the freshest produce, the plumpest bird, the juiciest lizard -- many locals resplendent in their ... read more

  • Organised treks
    4 stars

    A number of tour operators in town specialise in taking groups to Muang Sing's surrounding ethnic villages to learn about life as an ethnic minority. While the Muang Sing tourist office on the main road offers all sorts of different trekking options, the staff weren't particularly passionate ... read more

  • Self-guided walks/treks
    4 stars

    An alternative to just setting off down one of Muang Sing's streets and seeing what you find is to do a self-guided walk. All starting and finishing at Adima guesthouse, detailed itineraries and information about how and where to go can be found at the guesthouse and the Tourism Information Centre ... read more

  • Hiring motorbikes and bicycles
    3.5 stars

    The countryside around Muang Sing is quite flat, meaning a good way to get around is by bicycle. The best can be rented at Tiger Man Treks on the main road, with bikes priced at 20,000 kip for one day and the only motorbike available for rent in town for 100,000 kip. A number of paths are ... read more

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