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Muang Kham

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  • Tham Piew Cave
    4 stars

    To avoid being hit by bombs during the war years 1964-1973, many villagers lived in the cave systems of Laos. One such cave was Tham Piew, near Muang Kham. This held well over 400 people from nearby villages, mostly women, children and older people, while the men were away at war. They would sneak ... read more

  • Hot springs
    2.5 stars

    These two hot springs are located beyond town, and while most will visit from Phonsavan they can be more quickly approached from Muang Kham. Baw Nam Horn Noi is small and not worth a visit. The other is Baw Nam Horn Nyai, further away passing (approximately 50km from Phonsavan) along a road through ... read more

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