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  • The Phonsavan adventure
    3.5 stars

    Arriving at Phonsavan airport, the internal immigration checkpoint reminds me that sleepy little Laos is still a one-party state ... read more

  • The secret war and UXO
    4 stars

    Most people are very aware of the war in Vietnam and America's involvement there, but fewer are aware that a very large part of the war was fought in Laos. It is called 'the Secret War' by many due to long-time US denial of any involvement. The Communist forces in Laos were building and the US was ... read more

  • The Plain of Jars
    4 stars

    Despite being off the main tourist trail, Phonsavan is well worth visiting, with its Plain of Jars a particular highlight. Hop on a tour to see the plain, or just grab a motorbike and hit the road. It is totally worth it. Each site holds clusters of large stone containers, carved in one piece from ... read more

  • Do-it-yourself activities
    3.5 stars

    The Xieng Khuang Tourism Office has produced a double-sided photocopied sheet called What Do I Do Around Phonesavanh Town. It details a number of interesting things to do as an alternative to the main tourist attractions. The information sheet includes regular sightseeing activities such as war ... read more

  • Muang Khoun
    4 stars

    Once the provincial capital of Xieng Khuang, Muang Khoun is little more than a medium-sized village about 30 kilometres down the road to Paksan from Phonsavan They have all been destroyed by years of pillaging by raiders from invading countries, followed by the intense bombing of the war. There is ... read more

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