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  • Wat Phu
    4.5 stars

    Located some 10 kilometres from Champasak, UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wat Phu is one of the most impressive Khmer temples outside of Cambodia. While there have been shrines in some form on this site since the fifth century, the current structure which forms Wat Phu was constructed by Suryavarman ... read more

  • Um Tomo
    3 stars

    Um Tomo is a small, ruined, Khmer-style temple contemporary to Wat Phu situated about 15 kilometres south of Champasak close to the bank on the opposite side of the Mekong. There's very little to see here except for a carving lined walkway, two smaller temple pavilions, one completely demolished ... read more

  • Don Daeng
    4.5 stars

    This truly tranquil, beautiful island is located just off the shore of Champasak town, with about 2,000 inhabitants who make their living primarily through agriculture. It's part of the UNESCO World Heritage site that also encompasses Wat Phu and Um Tomo, and it constitutes nothing so much as a ... read more

  • Champasak Spa
    4.5 stars

    If you want to treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering, Champasak Spa is a perfect spot to do just that. This Western-managed spa is luxurious by Lao standards, with on offer a range of relaxing massages and treatments at great prices in one of the more relaxing settings in Laos. We ... read more

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